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The Serial Squadron

Warning: Spoiler Alert If you have not read the my story, “How The Name Came,” please do so now. I am going to discuss the story’s finale later in this post. Collectors, of just about anything, can be a strange and/or surprising bunch. About 45 years ago I worked at a ceramics studio in the… Continue reading The Serial Squadron

Erwin’s First Blog Post

How I met the Masked Rider, and other western avengers. Like most Americans my age, I grew up on westerns. There were western (and Northern) radio shows like James Stewart in “The Sixshooter,” and the modern day Sky King. Sgt. Preston (“The Challenge of the Yukon”) and the “Silver Eagle” kept the peace in the… Continue reading Erwin’s First Blog Post

My Old Army Unit Did What!?!

28 May 2021 On a mailing-list I follow today somebody commented about how a UK author confused a Mangrove swamp with a forest of Mango fruit trees. Let me assure everybody that there is nothing in the least “romantic” about a mangrove swamp. After rushing to Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis elements of the… Continue reading My Old Army Unit Did What!?!

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