Erwin K. Roberts
Hometown:, Kansas City, Missouri

Erwin K. Roberts

Erwin K. Roberts will be glad to tell you that “pulp fiction” is alive and well, no thanks to the film of the same name. By the time the fiction magazines printed on cheap pulp newsprint finally disappeared the type of stories they told had moved on to other media. To paperback books of various genre. To adventure films. To any number of television shows. And even comic strips and books.

For decades Clive Cussler, and many others, have written pulp fiction adventures as once did Max Brand, Louis L’Amour, Earl Stanley Gardner, and hundreds of others.

Erwin, retired in both civilian life and the U.S. Army/Missouri National Guard, long time Kansas City film critic and cable television personality, has lots of exciting stories to tell.

Erwin’s stories have appeared in Pro-Se Productions, Airship-27, Modern Knights Press and Mechaniod Press print publications. On the now departed “Planetary Stories” website Erwin had over twenty stories posted. One purpose of this site is to get some of those tales back in circulation. Not to mention plugging his books that are in print.